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Emergency Heating Repair Beaumont FAQs

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Emergency Heating Repair Beaumont FAQs

Know if your heating system needs to be repaired or replaced

It is difficult for the average person to know if their heater needs to be repaired or replaced. After all, a cold winter night is not something you would be very thrilled about. Lucky for you, we have a list of information that can tell you whether you heaters need to be replaced or not.

Emergency Heating Repair Beaumont

Higher utility bills

If your electric and gas bill has skyrocketed, that means your heating system is in trouble. If the heater is broken, the system will run longer to heat the room to the desired temperature. This will result in a higher electric or gas bill. 

Old heating system

The life expectancy of most heaters is from 15 to 25 years. If your furnace has a pilot light, that means it is more than 25 years old. This means that this is an older heating system and can break down easily. With this in mind, you will have to upgrade your old heating system.

Flu-like symptoms

If you have flu-like symptoms like nausea, headaches, or burning eyes, this would mean that you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. An older heating system can result in cracks in the heat exchanger from the contraction and expansion. They can also occur in more advanced furnaces as well. Either way, if you and your family have the symptoms, it’s best to have your heater checked out.

Emergency Heating Repair Beaumont

Yellow burner flame
If the burner flame is yellow rather than blue, then this means there’s a presence of carbon monoxide. These are colourless and odourless gas that can be very fatal. Other signs that reveal that carbon monoxide is present are moisture on the wall, window, or surface. When carbon monoxide is around, that means there's something wrong with your heater.

Weird noises
If you hear squealing, rattling, or banging noises, then it’s time to check your heater. A properly operating heater will run smoothly and quietly. A noisy heater indicates that there’s a problem with the motor. Seek help from Emergency Heating Repair Beaumont.
Several repairs in a short amount of time
If you have to replace various parts on your heating system in a short period of time, that means it’s time to replace your heater. Keeping an old heater or broken one running on a constant basis can be very costly.

Emergency Heating Repair Beaumont

Thermostat needs constant adjustment
If you are having trouble with your thermostat and adjusting it to the proper temperature, then your furnace might be the problem. If you notice that some rooms are warm but others are cool, that means the furnace is not distributing the air correctly. When this happens, it’s time to repair or replace the heater.
You don’t have to be a heating or furnace expert to know if your heater is broken or not. With the information that we have provided, it will give you a hint on the condition of your heater. If any of these clues show up, then you know that it’s time to call a professional to repair or replace your heater.

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